How are you going to study English in September?

With so much uncertainty around, no one knows how they are going to study English in the coming months. Nobody knows how they will improve their English or prepare for important exams. Here at Touch English, we have got your back! Our new Blog Membership covers all your needs and more, and if you already have the B1 level, our Blog Membership is a must for you.

An important part of our Blog Membership is the Podcast in English. You can listen to it on your way to work in the car, on the bus or on the train. You can listen to it wherever you are and learn new and important vocabulary. Imagine listening to English every day and you are learning all what you need at the same time. As well as that, there is no need to worry about paying lots of money or any COVID-19 related problems because we are an online business based in Valencia.

For just €4,95 a month (first month is free), you get the following:


Our articles are always full of very useful material. We have always focused on providing very clear explanations, and everything we do must have a clear meaning which is thoroughly explained so that you learn something every time. Remember, you must try to understand what you are saying when you speak English so that you feel confident and comfortable when you speak, and it is because of this that we focus on clear explanations.

As well as that, we have added a special focus on learning useful vocabulary as well in every article that we publish. There are different types of key vocabulary that you will see underlined in each article and we focus on teaching you this. It can be verbs, phrasal verbs, expressions or idioms, but everything is prepared so that you find it very useful indeed.


With our Podcasts, you will be able to place special focus on listening, and of course, that all important pronunciation. How many times have you thought about improving your listening skills or the way you pronounce words in English? Firstly, we go over the contents of the article you have just read so that you can practise pronouncing the useful vocabulary that you have seen in the article. Also, we introduce you to phrasal verbs and expressions. Our students here at Touch English love how we teach Phrasal Verbs, so we have decided to include them in every podcast, along with idioms and everyday expressions. Does that sound good or what?

Preposition of place and time courses: 

For many students, trying to use prepositions of place or time correctly is a complete nightmare. So much so that, in end, everyone ends up saying «in» for everything! This is because, as usual, hardly anyone knows what they are really saying. Well, it is time to stop guessing and, instead of crossing your fingers when you use prepositions in English, you can finally begin to understand how to use them and feel confident at the same time. Can you imagine that? Remember, your objective is to understand what you are saying. Once this happens, the feeling of looking or feeling ridiculous when you speak English will be a thing of the past.

So, what can we expect to receive as a Touch English Blog member?

reading practise with our excellent vocabulary packed articles
listening practise and pronunciation practise with our Podcasts
Vocabulary focus, above all, on Phrasal Verbsexpressions and idioms
Preposition practise with access to courses and exercises in relation to prepositions (you need to practise with prepositions of place and time more and more)
Problem Solving. Having difficulties understanding a certain part of English? You can leave us a message in our platform and we will get back to you ASAP.

We decided to add our prepositions of time and place courses to this package since regardless of levels, no one is able to use them without making mistakes, so, as we say in English: «Practice makes perfect». It is important to understand what you are saying when you use prepositions and our courses will not only teach you them, but also you will never forget what you have learnt because you will learn them slowly over 3 weeks and not two hours in a class. Don’t guess or invent, understand what you are saying and speak English with confidence. For more information about how you should study our preposition courses/modules, clink in the following link:

As well as that, we give you the opportunity to send us your doubts or queries in relation to English. We have a team of English experts who are dying to receive your questions, so get in touch, whenever you want.

After reading our Blog Membership contents, you should be thinking that if I want to prepare a B2, C1 or C2 exam, I need this. If I want to improve my understanding of English, I need this. If I want to improve how I pronounce English words, I need this. If I want to improve my listening skills and widen my range of useful vocabulary, I need this. You need our Blog Membership.

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