You want to study or live in the UK but your English is not good enough.

Free B1 level English Course in YouTube:

You can enjoy the learning experience for free! Click on the above link and go directly to the video content. Also, you can do some exercises in our Moodle Educational Platform. There is a link ( with every video which takes you to our website. Watch the video before you do the exercises.
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Practising and studying English more often is the best way to really improve your level. One hour a week or two hours in a class with other people is OK, but the process is very slow. You are waiting for your chance to speak, and then listening to others. Imagine how much time you lose. As well as that, ask your self the following question: what do I do on the five days I am not in English class.
For more information, check out our very own method, and decide for

Have you Touched English today?

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